Makeup, like most skill and art, requires a lot of hands-on practice to get right. No one just gets it right the first time around, maybe not even the second. Even the act of picking the kind of makeup to use requires some level of confidence and skill in using cosmetics. A common issue many girls have is overpaying for their cosmetics and not shopping around, particular by not using online discount codes that can be found in numerous places on the net.

Other than overpaying, there are many types of mistakes associated with cosmetics – from damaging your skin to making you look clownish and aging your face. Check out the ten most common makeup mistakes and learn how you can avoid them:

Picking the wrong color of foundation

Your base decides the outcome of the rest of your look. Going too dark will make your face stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of your body but going too light can put you at risk of looking like a member of the Addams Family. The only solution is to test the foundation against the skin on your face – not on your fingers or wrists.

Picking the wrong color of blusher

Electric-colored blush is so 80s! In the era of the no-makeup-makeup, the color of your blush should be within the ranges of your natural blush tones. Like picking foundation, test it against your skin.

Not blending well enough

Makeup that’s poorly blended looks like a piece of patchwork. Use a damp sponge or your beauty blender to give your face a smooth finish.

Applying makeup on dry skin

Dry skin makes the makeup look flaky and uneven. Exfoliate and moisturize regularly to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Using the wrong brush

You don’t have to buy expensive celebrity-backed brush brands but you do need to use a certain kind of brush for different parts of your face. It is also important to use brushes with great quality bristles to spread out the makeup more evenly. If you are going to invest on something, better invest in brushes.

Not washing your brushes and blender

Your brushes and makeup blender are as personal as, say, your hairbrush. Sanitize them regularly, keep them dry and clean when stored, and avoid sharing them (or when you do, sanitize them afterwards). Otherwise, you’ll risk getting skin breakouts from the bacteria that grow on them.

Not using primer

Primers make sure that (a) your makeup stays in place and sticks to your skin better, and (b) your face is hydrated enough so it does not flake when you apply the first layers of your makeup. Buy a good quality primer – they last a long time and you need very little per routine.

Using a brow shade that’s too dark

It makes your face look too intense and it ages your face. Go a few shades lighter than your hair to keep a natural look.

Using the same set of makeup throughout the year

Your skin color changes during different seasons and so the light-colored powder you used during the winter when your skin was at its lightest will be too bright for your skin during the summer.

Going crazy on the contour

Because contouring has become the ‘in’ thing in the makeup world, and because of all the DIY contouring videos that are flooding social media, many women are trying it out these days. Contouring is a tricky art and many people end up looking like clowns, with too much makeup, too many contour lines, and unblended makeup. Start with a natural-looking contour by using two shades of foundation before advancing to the more delicate techniques of this particular trade.

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