Wouldn’t it be great to go to sleep every night being satisfied with the day you just had and the day that will come?

Apart from the great benefits that you obtain from sleep, it’s exceptionally convenient to know how to make peace with the day that you had and know that tomorrow can be better. Whether you had a day full of exceptional moments or a day that made you want to pull your hair out, just by performing these 3 productivity hacks will have you getting a good night’s rest.

Review the things that you have done during the day

Often times we go to sleep with stress just from thinking about the things we weren’t able to carry out. So what do we do? We scroll through the news feed of our favourite social media platform and try to forget the rest of the day. It’s not the worst habit, (but I’m sure that Arianna Huffington and a couple of researches who have studied the negative effects of browsing from our phone before going to sleep would beg to differ).

Either way, don’t ignore the stress that you feel. The best way we can counter that is by making a list of things that we have done during the day. By focusing on the things we have completed, it gives us a different perspective to focus on.

Actually, a lot of successful people happen to do this. If you happen to follow the famous unicorn, Lilly Singh, on her YouTube channel, at the beginning she mentions what she has to get done and at the end she recaps what she accomplished during the day (in almost all of her videos).

Obviously, she’s not the only youtuber who does this and that also goes for many of the successful people, and it’s a great habit to learn from them.

But what happens if today you were not able to get as much as you wanted? Well then THAT should be your wake up call; use that pain to make sure that tomorrow it won’t happen again. Sometimes we need a bit of painful motivation to change those ugly habits. Just know that if tomorrow happens to come again then you have another chance to make it better, which brings me to the next productivity hack.

Make a list of things that need to get done tomorrow

Take a moment to ponder about the things that happened and see if there’s anything that needs to be improved. If you know that you haven’t accomplished anything especially because you got overwhelmed from the long list of things to do, then take only the three to five most important things that need to get done and put it on your to-do list.

Why do I need to make a to-do list? I’m glad you asked. Planning ahead for tomorrow is like when our parents have suggested us to pick out our clothes and have our school stuff ready the night before. In this case, you have the time to figure out what you’re going to do tomorrow, and you sleep on it; basically you’re preparing your mind to tackle the next day! So, instead of waking up to another regular day, you’re going to automatically feel more motivated to get ready and get the things that need to get done (with the right attitude of course). If for some reason you don’t get that done at night, do that first thing in the morning… Yes, even before you brush your teeth. Remember, life is too short to waste so show yourself that you’re grateful to have another day to make it right.

[ Ed.note – Erick: not only will this habit make you feel more motivated, it will also give you a sense of direction and purpose for your following day. ]

Read a book or repeat a quote that inspires you to get ready to kickass the next day.

Usually the last activity that you did within the last couple of hours before you went to sleep will linger. That’s why it’s imperative to fill your mind with things that will help you think in a productive mindset. Whether it’s having good humour, reading something insightful or reciting a quote that really hits the spot to upgrade your self-confidence, it’ll be favourable to give you that good night sleep, especially after knowing how you’re going to run the next day (from the first hack that we talked about).

Drink plenty of water

I can’t tell you how many people I know fail to properly hydrate their bodies. It has many benefits like removing toxins from your body, refreshing those worked-out muscles, preventing muscle cramps and joint aches, helping with annoying headaches, etc. Apart from that, it’s great to help you wake up! Your body will feel refreshed in the morning and it will make you get up to go to the bathroom.

[ Ed.note – Erick: the bathroom part will come really handy, specially if you like to hit the snooze button several times before getting up.]

You’ve probably heard about at least one of these hacks, (then again, I may be wrong). “They’re so simple… yeah it’s easy”. If that’s so, make it a daily habit! Knowing what to do and not doing it versus not knowing what to do is the same thing. So try them out and feel free to comment below, let us know how you feel after completing these hacks for 7 days straight (no cheating!).

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