All over the world, people are going crazy over losing weight. Weight loss is necessitated by reasons that range from self esteem issues, health and aesthetic reasons.

Whatever your reason is, there is a few steps that will help you lose weight faster and more consistently without falling off track. And you can finally rock that tight dress and walk head held high without worrying about your love handles threatening to come out.

Working out will help you achieve the body size of your dreams. The million dollar question at this stage is: how will you work out to ensure instant weight loss?

1. Avoid stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety come with the craving for high fat, salty or sweet foods. These are foods that will stimulate the brain to produce chemicals that reduce tension. This probably explains why gobbling down a whole bowl of ice cream feels so good when you are stressed.

Now, these type of foods will increase the amount of sugar being stored in your body hence derailing weight loss. This is why you should get ways of dealing with and avoiding stress while on the journey towards weight loss.

2. Exercise regularly and consistently

A major route to weight loss is exercising. You need to have a variety of workout routines. You can start with this 8 simple exercises to help you get fit. From running in the morning to push ups, sit ups and squats. When you exercise, the body metabolism rate increases leading to the utilization of more energy.

Now, when you are not active, the body is unlikely to be requiring much energy. What happens is that all the sugar that is not utilised is stored as fat mostly around the stomach area. This is what brings forth the flabby tummies and love handles.

The end result of exercising is that the body burns more calories hence reducing the stored fat. But you definitely don’t want to be that person who resolves to work out and starts with lots of zeal and zest only to give up a few days later. For Exercise to bear the desired fruits, it has to be consistent.

You don’t possibly think that 20 minutes a day of running can do the magic or do you?

This is a process that will take a bit of time. However you can speed it up by complimenting your runs with more challenging workouts. It is specially beneficial to do strength exercises like, deadlifts, dips, squats and chin ups. If you are a girl, don’t get put off by this thinking you are going to develop massive arms and shoulders. The only thing it will do is tone your buddy and give you amazing glutes.

3. Check your diet

Word has it that we are a reflection of what we consume. Maybe this is why high intakes of junk food leads to our bodies looking like humongous masses of fat. A proper diet is important when you are trying to lose weight.

Avoid lots of carbohydrates and focus more on vegetables and proteins. Remember also to drink lots of water. Exercise increases your appetite to a great extent thus you should be cautious lest you overeat.

I once had a roommate in campus who was ready to give anything in exchange for a flat tummy. She would spend hours on end exercising. But what would happen is that after all that hard work; she would sit down and reward herself by eating in excess. Do you think she lost the tummy?

Of course she didn’t. If anything, she grew bigger. The point is that you need to devise ways of reducing your appetite. For instance, you can use foods that reduce your hunger, like avocados, beans, dark chocolate or any type of food high on water and fiber such as fruits and vegetables.

4. Quality sleep

The fact that you are working out does not equal great results unless you are taking the time to recharge, properly letting your muscles repair themselves. Sleep will help you feel rejuvenated and energetic. Lack of sleep will do the opposite, leaving you too wary to do anything let alone exercise.

This is why you need to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day. In addition, research done by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows that muscles are built and toned when we are asleep.

After weight loss, we want a perfectly toned body and strong muscles. This we can only get if we take time to sleep.

Bottom line is..
Weight loss can be an easy and fast venture if you embark on an ideal workout plan, follow a diet, avoid stress and sleep enough. This can be made even easier by the incorporation thing like Forskolin fuel in your diet or any of the steps mention above.

This combination will grant you your coveted weight in absolutely no time at all.

Author Bio:
Margaux Diaz is a social development worker who spends her free time pondering and writing about Health and Fitness. She is a regular contributor at Consumer Health Digest. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

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