Do you want to relieve that lower back pain and shorten the time of the labor? This can be achieved without the medicine or pills. All you need to do is stay active throughout the pregnancy and exercise a bit (Collete Bouchez, WebMD). Of course, your doctor needs to be included in your exercise plans. Generally speaking, it is quite enough to work out four times a week for about half an hour. But, since we are all different, the amount of required exercise may vary. Depending on your fitness level, month of pregnancy and other factors, your doctor will know what type of exercise is the best for you. Here are five best things you can do with your expecting body.

Strengthen the Muscles and Rest Your Joints by Swimming

Those mommies who love water will be thrilled to know that swimming makes a perfect exercise during pregnancy. It will tone your muscles, build on your endurance and increase your circulation. Even better, it will do all this without putting additional pressure on your joints. Strong muscles will soothe the pain in your body, because they will carry your precious cargo with more ease. Better circulation means faster and better nutrition for your baby. Therefore, swimming is an excellent choice of exercise.

Stay in Shape with at Home Exercises

You may not have the time, money or the nerves to prepare yourself for the swimming pool. If you do not want to leave your home, you can do some excellent exercises there. Plie: hold on to a chair, position your legs shoulder-length apart, turn knees and feet 45 degrees out and lower your hips while keeping your back straight. Plank: get down on the floor, relying on your
elbows and tips of your feet. Keep your body in a straight line and hold for a while. These are just two out of many exercises you can do while pregnant.

Get Energized by Doing Yoga

Just like swimming, yoga increases circulation and tones the muscles. However, it also helps your joints become limber, which is a very good thing once you go into labor. Also, many people say that yoga relaxes them and helps them be more positive. Sounds absolutely perfect if you are pregnant. Be cautious once you enter your second trimester and do not attempt exercises that require you to lie on your back. Yoga is great in all pregnancy trimesters.

Be a Regular Bear Mamma and Lift Some Weights

You should not be doing any heavy lifting, but you can work some light weights. Sit on a chair, back straight, and take a weight into each hand. Curl your arm until it reaches 90 degrees and then lift hands to the shoulder level. Another thing you can do is to place your knee and hand on the seat of a chair, having your back parallel to the seat. Use the other arm to lift the weight by bending your elbow.

Get That Heart Pumping with Treadmill and Walking

Treadmill and running are the two most popular cardio activities. Since you should not run, you can walk. Find cheap jeans for pregnancy, grab a bottle of water and head out for a nice, long walk. Both of these exercises will do wonders for your circulation and make your muscles stronger. If treadmill is your choice, do not forget a five-minute warm up. Also, keep your exercise on the level at which you can have a conversation without any difficulties. Speed up for a short period of time, and repeat those intervals a couple of times.

You already know how important it is to stay active during pregnancy. It is equally important that you know when to stop. Remember that your goal is to stay in shape and be healthy, not to get ready for the Olympics. Stop as soon as something does not feel right to you. If you experience any kind of vaginal bleeding, vomiting, nausea, pain in your chest or abdomen, blurred vision or general fatigue, immediately call your doctor.

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