Bench dips have been a staple exercise for many years because they are so effective and simple to incorporate into any workout regime.

They’re also great because you don’t need expensive equipment to do this exercise. You can do them virtually anywhere as long as you’ve got something that you can put your body weight on.

You can use a chair, table, fence, and of course a bench!

Bench dips present many health benefits that make them ideal for those who are trying to tone up.

1. They build your entire upper body

This is an awesome exercise for those who want to create a swimmer’s body. They build your upper body strength and tone the muscles on the top half of your body.

This not only gives you an aesthetically pleasing upper body, the strength in the top half of your body will give you the edge to perform better in everyday life and in athletics.

Many of your day-to-day tasks require that you have a solid upper body. Your upper body muscles dictate whether you can sit up, reach things, and lift items easily.

These are all tasks that you perform at home and at work and in order to get through the day without tiring out you need to build your upper body strength.

If you are an athlete upper body strength is very important. Whether your sport requires you to run, catch, or throw; you need upper body strength to do all of these things effectively.

2. Bench dips hone in on your triceps

Your triceps (triceps brachii) are muscles that are found on your upper arm and located beneath your shoulders.

They allow you to straighten your arms and extend your elbows. Many people struggle to tone their triceps, but bench dips are great option if you want an exercise that focuses on increasing strength in them.

The American Council on Exercise has listed bench dips as one of the tops three exercise for strengthening your triceps.

Each of your triceps has three heads and when you perform a bench dip you are all working all three of them.

3. They engage your core

Bench dips aren’t just great for your arms, they also engage your core. Every time you lower and bring your body back up you should be actively pulling from the strength of your arms as well as your core.

When you actively engage your core as well as your arms you get more out of each rep that you perform.

4. You are using the entire weight of your body

This exercise pulls from the entire weight of your body. Compared to Push-ups which only allows you to draw from about %64 percent of your body weight.

This is the ideal form of strength training because the resistance that you are pushing against engages your entire body, not just a portion of it.

If repeated on a regular basis you will see a gradual, but definite, increase in the endurance and size of your upper body muscles without using any equipment or external weights.

5. You can continue making bench dips more strenuous

You may find that over time your body needs more weight to draw on, or you may just want to increase the intensity of your workout routine.

You can use weight belts to increase the difficulty of a bench dips. You can also increase the intensity of bench dips by simply increasing the amount of reps that you do per workout.

Another way to make a bench press a little more difficult is to change up the variation by altering the placement of your feet.

Instead of leaving your feet shoulder width apart on the ground, as you do in a traditional bench dip, try placing one of your feet on top of the opposite knee and alternate after doing a set of reps.

One more variation is to elevate both feet with your legs stretched all the way out.

The Wrap up

Bench presses hold many health benefits for the body. They allow you to become stronger and increase the amount of endurance that you have.

They are also a great option for home workouts. You don’t need a gym membership or equipment to perform this exercise.

Just the will to work your upper body and a stable item that you can place your weight on!

You can try out the variations listed earlier in this article if you get bored with doing classic bench presses or you can add body weights to amp up the intensity of your reps.

Incorporating Bench Presses in your weekly fitness program is a surefire way to increase the level of strength in your upper body and your stamina.


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