If you had the opportunity to go back into the past and give some advice to your younger-self, would you do it?

I definitely would!

As I became more familiar with the great thinkers that came before me, and became familiar with life, there are many things that come to my mind that I wish I knew when I was younger.

You can only focus on one thing at a time

 If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do, that you know has value and can be of great use to someone else, be it dancing, graphic designing, project managing, baking, etc, focus on that one goal. Become savvy in that field, get to know the industries that you can affect and don’t stop learning! Write down what you want to accomplish with this goal and you’re your way into building the steps towards getting there. What’s the key to getting it all done? ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS. Put your cell phone away, close those websites that tempt you mindlessly scrolling and put some instrumental music that helps you concentrate. (Check out this instrumental music that I used to write this article). Don’t do 10 things at the same time, one step at a time until you are ready to go on the next one.

Practice beats talent

It’s quite self-explanatory. If there’s a specific niche you want to learn well or a sport you want to excel in, don’t talk about it as if you knew how to do it well. As the amazing basketball coach who won 10 NCAA national championships in a 12 year-period, John Wooden, said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” When you prepare, you gain confidence because you are becoming aware of what you need in order to achieve success and it takes time. Leave the negativity out and know that whether you practice or not, time will pass and it waits for no one. So, practice with a persistent attitude and it will amount to those genuine feel-good moments.

Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing

It’s about taking care of oneself first. This doesn’t mean that you neglect your family and friends, this means that if there is a decision to make and it benefits you, take it. If there is a decision you need to make that improves your well-being, take it! Take it knowing that you seek to become better so that you could help others. For example, if you have to move away from your family but you know that you will reap the rewards in the long run, the effort won’t be done in vain.

Work with what you have

Don’t wait for the perfect moment because even if it comes, you probably won’t be able to recognize it. Instead, search for knowledge about the situation or problem that you’re going through. Read books, ask people who have gone through the same happening, watch videos about it, etc. Based on that knowledge, write down the useful information about it and create a plan. The writing process is important because once you see it on paper, it will seem more real. Then, execute. You must be willing to do uncomfortable things like converse with people who could have information that you’re looking for. The key is to find sources and put them to use. If it didn’t work the first time, be persistent until it happens.

Reading will lead you to exotic thoughts, conversations and places

Don’t waste time thinking that you aren’t creative or smart enough to engage in compelling opportunities to socialize and explore. Start by reading books that interest you or educate you and read at least a book. By just reading 4 books in one month, you’ll dramatically see how it will help you construct your thoughts into creative sentences and contribute to helping others, I guarantee it.

Unlearn helplessness and take action

If there are problems that deprive you from sleep, write down the things that are in your control and the things that aren’t in your control.  You can’t control what happens to you but you can control your reaction. So, start by eliminating your thoughts that make you think twice about your potential. This process must be done EVERYDAY in order to speed up your change of mentality. Thinking that you can’t do something or seeing yourself as a low-quality person is something that can’t be in your thoughts anymore. You can’t afford to spend time dwelling on those thoughts if you have bigger and better things to accomplish. So for every time you catch yourself in those thoughts, stop and think about the opposite. Think about things that empower you! You are here to improve because nobody was born perfect, only those who are willing to give up these thoughts will generate good vibes, good opportunities and value.

There you have it; 6 important lessons that I wish I knew when I was younger. And lucky for us, there is no better time ever before in history to take advantage of how much information is available to us. Even if you don’t own a computer or cell phone, I’m pretty sure that there is a library where you could gain knowledge from. But it’s not just about learning it’s about doing something about it. Take advantage of these lessons and practice them until you see improvement. Don’t be paralyzed; make an educated decision and learn from it if it didn’t go as planned, but just gain momentum and keep going.

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    NAh buddy, you are extremely wrong, guess why, you can only write the above as a print of psychology because each have to go through that phase to reach the last line that defines your logic…. Every individual goes through one or another…. Learn before you suggest, not that I am perfect, just my opinion… Cheers

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