As someone who likes to make the most out of each day, there are a few things I like doing to make even my most mundane days a little bit more blissful.

Here are 7 daily routines that will help you revitalize even your most mundane Mondays and make you get the most out each day.

1. Get up earlier than usual

Set your alarm an hour early than usual. You can use the extra time to do something you never had time to do before, like reading a book that has been collecting dust in your shelve, gentle yoga poses, or by taking a walk around the neighborhood.

The main idea is that you start your day calmly and by doing something you like. Waking up in a rush with the pressure to get to work will only leave you stress for the rest of the day. You want to make sure your mornings leave you with positive energy that will carry you through the day.

2. Count your blessings

The idea behind being grateful is that you want to make sure you start your mornings with a sense of appreciation of what’s important. The world looks, acts and responds very differently when you start your days with a feeling of gratitude for that which you already have.

This is especially true when you wake up with negative feelings, tired or just out of it. Make sure to sit down and say all the things that are great in your life right now. You can start with something simple like not being sick or having food to eat. You will be surprise of how many people go without food each day. Say them outloud to yourself and you will feel a radical change in your mind and body.

3. The one thing

What is the one thing you know if you were to accomplish today, would change your life? It could also be things you have postponed for the longest time.

The idea behind “the one thing” is to be simple but effective. It’s about putting first things first and setting time each day to do them. Even if it’s half an hour each morning try to do it consistently.

4. Take cold showers

Taking cold showers in the morning is an amazing thing to do, especially if you depend a lot on coffee to stay awake. Cold showers are very refreshing and they shake you up from your normal patterns. It’s also a way to reset your body and mind.

There are many benefits of taking cold showers in the morning, it increases your alertness, shakes your whole nervous system, reduces inflammation and stress.

It’s also a challenging thing to do after waking up. The way to do it though, which has worked brilliantly for me is to start with a nice warm shower and gradually making it colder.

5. Move

Halfway through your activities and through the day, make a habit to stand up and walk around. Walk around your office, neighborhood or house, whatever you have time for. Do this as often as possible. Every hour is best.

6. Focus on the now.

Be in the moment. Dont get too caught up in work, school or life to enjoy the present moment. Close your eyes, take a big breath and remember to enjoy the little things. Get outside and walk, read a book, or just take in the day for whatever amount of time you have.

7. Do something different each day

Don’t make a routine out of coming home, eating dinner, and sitting on the couch. I personally like mixing things up by going on hikes, visiting the beach, going out with friends, watching french movies or having barbecue in the backyard.

But the most important part of all of this is to practice mindfulness throughout your day. On your way to work, cleaning the house, just make sure to take in the sounds, the sights. Notice the people around you, and make the best of whatever might come.

You’re there, might as well do the best of it and be proud of your accomplishments. The world is always changing so make sure you witness as much of it as you can.

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