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Thank you so much for your interest in advertising on UltraBodyMind. Designed for people that are looking to improve the quality of their lives. UltraBodyMind is a source of news, information & resources that empowers people to become their best (ultra) in areas like body, mind, heart & spirit.

With this in mind, UltraBodyMind has been designed and positioned to allow brands to reach their target and promote ads, products, ebooks and much more with the wellness of the Reader in mind.

UltraBodyMind has a very needed niche around the world, and that can be prove with the statistics below:

The current readership of the site is as follows

⋅ Over 10,000 unique visitors per month / between 200 – 500 visits to the website per day
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In addition to these site visitors, over 50 readers subscribe to UltraBodyMind weekly updates by email, for a grand total of 30,000 people checking in to see what we have to say every day.


UltraBodyMind is a trusted and influential online resource, with a loyal community of readers. With a strong, loyal and growing readership base, UltraBodyMind presents excellent advertising opportunities to companies and brands. UltraBodyMind is one of Canada’s most popular lifestyle blog – a trusted voice uncovering the best in wellness for everyone. Did we mentioned that its  only been a few months since we launched!


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