Changing habits can be next to impossible if you don’t have the right tools to change. Hopefully there are many good little tricks you can use to your advantage.

This is not a be all, end all guide to exterminate bad habits. Instead this is just one more proven technique you can add to your arsenal. It’s a new approach to eliminate those nasty habits that I’ve been putting into action since the beginning of the year and even earlier than that. I believe it will be a perfect way to start the new year.

Whatever you do I will recommend to only change one habit at a time. I know we get all excited because is a brand new year and we have like 10 things we would like to change about ourselves but don’t go too crazy trying to change everything. I’ve been there, done that and it never works. We want consistency not quantity, but we want to choose 1 thing that we will do everyday for the rest of the year. That’s it. If it sounds to complicated it probably won’t work.

Remember KISS

Keep it simple stupid.

A really good interview advice I got in my early teens and has worked wonders for me.

Things that you will need
*A good friend
*50 to 100 dollars or more.

Let’s beginning by choosing that really nasty habit that won’t go away. Grab the notepad and write down the habit that you want to change, why you want to change it, what are you going to replace it with. Also you want to think what this new habit will do for you (how will it improve your life).

Take a little extra time to answer the last question and really dive deep because this part is very important to keep you motivated when you feel like giving in, this will remind you why are you doing all this in the first place. It will let you see the big picture and taste the results giving you extra motivation to stay on track.

Next, call your friend and arrange a meeting. When you meet. Hand over the money and explain to them that you’ve tried to change a habit but nothing is working. Ask if they will help you and all they have to do is hold on to the money and keep it ALL if you miss a SINGLE day of whatever new habit you are trying to implement. Notice the emphasis in the word all and single. This is the most important part to remember. This is what will make you never miss a day, since if you miss even one day, your friend gets to keep ALL the money to do whatever they want with it. Here is where honesty comes in, they will not know if you have kept up with your promise. Unless is something like going to the gym where you can see the results other than that you will need to be honest.

Realise that if you lie to your friend you are only lying to yourself and you’ll be further from archiving your goal.

That’s it.

The more money you use the more likely you’ll stay on track since there will be more fear of losing the money. But don’t think you can’t start unless you start with 1000 dollars. I did it with 50 dollars and it was the best money I have ever spent. You could also give your friend 100 dollars and get him to take little chunks of 10 dollars the days you miss doing your new habit. That way you can have more flexibility. You can play around with it and see what works for you.

Good luck! Wish you lots of success.

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