Part of growing up includes dealing with our insecurities; it’s something that none of us can escape.

Sometimes we learn to let them go, and other times we identify with them and let them define who we become.

While our insecurities may hurt us, change us, and keep us in discomfort, they are the only things that give us the greatest gift of our humanity, and that is the attribute of humility.

The most difficult trait to obtain is humility, specially for all the great things you already have.

Every human is born selfish; we know our time on earth is limited, so we do everything we can to take everything possible from this world.

We wake up every day asking: What can this world offer me? Yet we never seem to flip the question around and ask, what can I offer to the world?

When the universe has dealt you a hand that has so many insecurities, you reach a point in your life where you can no longer go lower; it’s either you learn to accept yourself and grow, or you become a person full of anger and regret.

Nonetheless, everyone can learn how to deal with their own insecurities and help others deal with theirs.

Saving hand

A person that has overcome such hardships knows how important it is for people in this world to give and offer value.

If you take a look at people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and even people like Anthony Robbins who bring so much value to the world, they generally have some sort of underdog story of hardship, pain, and lots of insecurities.

Why does this pattern exist?

Those who live their lives offering value have lived the selfish lifestyle before. When somebody is really insecure, they are very selfish because they need so much to make them happy.

If they don’t keep taking from this world, they feel short of themselves and take it personal.

However, those who have lived the selfish lifestyle and received the help they need to recover, realize that the selfish mindset only lead them down a path of even more insecurity and pain.

After their long and hard recovery, they decide to change their destiny and begin to give back to this world the way the world has given to them.

In doing so, they realize that by giving back to this world, not only do they find pleasure, but also they begin to feel more secure about themselves.

“Life will always give you back what you put in.”

Life is an equal exchange. Not even the smallest things get lost.

If you are living a life where you cannot seem to find your inner security, your inner confidence, and your inner happiness, try giving.

Try the opposite of what you have done, it’s obvious that it is not working.

Like a wise man once said.

Definition of insanity

Giving value to others is quite simple and can start with something as easy as a smile.

Instead of being angry and having a bad attitude, do the opposite. Start being positive, start complaining less.

One small act of generosity, can transform the lives of hundreds.

Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins experienced the act of kindness at a really young age. He was 11 years old when a stranger came to his home on Thanksgiving with a special delivery. His family was going through difficult times and couldn’t afford food for this special occasion. He recalls the stranger holding a big basket full of food in one hand and in the other an uncooked turkey.

This small act of kindness had a ripple effect in Anthony Robbins life who after experiencing this vowed to help others in the same situation he was in. He now provides food for millions of people each year on thanksgiving.

You can find the video of him recalling this experience here.

“Regardless of stature, only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution will experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” –Anthony Robbins

I promise you, that is the secret to inner confidence, beauty, happiness, and purpose.

And don’t forget to smile, it increases your face value.

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