Over the past century, aromatherapy has slowly penetrated the western market. Essential oils are more popular than ever these days. Most people get them for their fancy scents.

However, many others know that they have curative properties. So far, this industry relies on 40 major essential oils. They have over 80 curative benefits, yet it is imperative to know which one you need before filling your oil diffusers up. So, what are the most popular essential oils on the market? Most importantly, what are their healing characteristics?

Properties of Geranium Oils

With their floral aroma that you just cannot overlook, geranium oils are extremely popular for their antiseptic properties. Other than that, these oils are also recommended by doctors due to their effects against eczemas and burns. Having issues with water retention? This oil can prevent it. Moreover, when delivered by a massage and not through oil diffusers, it stimulates peripheral circulation in rheumatic patients.

Properties of Rosemary Oils

Rosemary is appreciated by everyone out there for its fresh scent. Other than that, it also has some beneficial properties as well. It is excellent in strengthening memory, but it also helps the scalp by preventing dandruff. It stimulates hair growth too. It has antiseptic and analgesic capabilities, as well as stimulating and digestive effects. As if all these were not enough, it is considered a symbol of love and friendship in oriental traditions.

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Properties of Vetiver Oils

When used with oil diffusers, the vetiver oil does raise to its nickname – the oil of calmness. It has a sweet aroma that feels earthy. It does not feel sweet enough to cause nausea, but it brings the natural smell of nature in your bedroom. It keeps your home safe against moths, but it is also indicated for mature skin maintenance. It tends to relax the body and stabilize the internal processes. You will love it from the first moment you try it.

Properties of Tea Tree Oils

As if tea tree oils would not be helpful in pretty much any kind of problem, they obviously made it to the medical industry as well. They are ideal against bacteria, fungi and viruses. At the same time, they can prevent the apparition of cold and flu, not to mention maintaining the symptoms under control. The stimulating properties of this oil make it feel more like a medicine, rather than a nice smelling essential oil – yet its scent is not to be overlooked either.

Properties of Lemon Oils

Lemon oils are not always used with oil diffusers. They have amazing results in anti-cellulite massages, so they are delivered topically. When used in oil diffusers, the oil is great in preventing all kinds of infections. It also stimulates the body and recharges it with energy. It clears the mind and opens the heart.

In conclusion, these oils are way more diversified, so choose something appropriate. Keep in mind that no matter how healthy a particular oil is, chances are it will not work on your body if you do not like its scent.

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