It is everyone’s ultimate fantasy to have flawless, glowing skin regardless of gender. Especially in the dry, itchy season of winter. The harshness of the dropping temperatures along with the drastic decrease in humidity can lead to the moisture if your hair as well as skin becoming dry.

Such sudden changes in the climate can constrain the blood flow to our facial capillaries, making our skin seem pale.

A cheap and an effective alternative exist in the form of Yoga, a remedy used since decades for the effective elimination of stress and negative energy from within our bodies. Astonishingly, Yoga has been proven to enhance blood circulation when practiced on a regular basis, giving the same results as that of an anti-aging cream or even Botox.

Mentioned below are a few poses that help you keep your skin looking fresh and supple.

Downward-Facing Dog

Also known as the Vinyasa, the Downward-Facing Dog is inspired after one of the great 5 Rites of Rejuvenation practiced within Tibetan culture. Carrying out this pose on a daily basis helps to promote longevity, purify as well as balance the physical energy.

The Vinyasa involves getting on all fours, followed by straightening the legs into a Downwards facing dog, and then into an upwards facing dog, and then again into the downward facing position. Once that is done, keep a hip-width space between your feet and inhale while lowering your hips towards the direction of the mat without letting the thighs touch the floor. Finally, lift your hips back into the sky while exhaling, for best results, attempts this position at an estimated 20 times.

Virabhadrasana II

For successfully carrying out the Virabhadrasana, go into the downward-facing dog position and then from there, step the feet back together at a time, followed by stretching the right leg upwards into the sky. While exhaling the right foot forward, place it between your two hands. Keep the left heel on the ground while angling the toes slightly towards the forward direction.

With the feet placed as far apart as regarding the length of the leg, Align the right heel with the left foot arch. Finally, the Warrior II is achieved by leading the arms into an 180-degree angle.

Child Pose

The sole purpose of the Child pose is to encourage the regulation of the flood flow into the facial tissues, it not only makes you look fresh but also helps with calming down the brain. For best results, 5-8 deep and relaxed breaths are to be taken while in the pose.

Rabbit Pose

Also called as the ‘Shashankasana’ pose, it helps with the eradication of any stress or negativity in the form of energy that may weigh us down in our daily functioning. While on the Yoga mat, for shifting onto all your fours, roll upwards. Lift your hips directly above the knees while reaching out for your heels. Gently tuck in your skin, however, maintain your neck relaxed and elongated. Place a bit of pressure on the head, right at the top while keeping this position for an average of 10 breaths.

Corpse Pose

My favorite out of them all, the corpse pose is as simple as it gets. For achieving forever-glowing skin, it takes a minimum amount of effort and hence can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule. Start by lifting your shoulders and head while taking the shape of a ball by squeezing and hugging both your knees into the chest.

Then stretch out completely on the mat, with your legs and arms relaxed and lengthened out. Close your eyes and rest for about 8-10 minutes to soak up the positive vibes and energy around yourself.

It may seem difficult to practice these particular poses by just reading about them, thus the ever dynamic technology should be used by watching YouTube tutorials based on such Yoga poses, for best results.

Say goodbye to the dull, flaky skin, and hello to a more beautiful radiant looking skin without any cosmetic surgeries or even emptying your wallet on Beauty creams.

Author Bio:
This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at

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