Recently, I caught myself in a downward spiral of negative emotions. Not as bad and steep as I used to indulge back in the day, but definitely not what I want in my life.

“Are you meditating?”

That’s the thought that came into my mind after analysing where the negativity was coming from. I found my brain occupied and preoccupied by the daily tasks of being part of a working society.

It felt as if time was passing by and the only thing not moving was my brain and my thoughts. Trapped in oblivion, anxiously seeking any type of distraction. From movies to Facebook, to any type of post ever written about Leonardo DiCaprio never winning an oscar (sad but true).

Meditation has always been hard for me to do. I feel like I am not alone in this. We live in a society where it’s easier to seek entertainment. You don’t even need to look for it. Is there, everywhere you look. Specially now that cellphones have become a very essential thing in our lives.

And to be honest, meditation, the act of sitting comfortably just focusing in your breathing, is a very painful thing to do (especially in the beginning). If literally feels like your mind is detoxifying. Your mind wants to be entertained, distracted, and just to be still is something that seems almost impossible, or so I thought.

One minute meditation consist on setting the bar so low that is almost impossible not to do it. If you really think about it, everyone has a minute to spare. There is no excuse.

The idea came from Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress. He mentioned in a podcast that he will set goals so low for working out and meditation that there was absolutely no excuse he could tell himself to avoid doing it.

(You can check the podcast here: Matt Mullenweg interview with Tim Ferriss. You can skip to minute 50 to hear more about the topic)

Why this works?

The idea is to rig the game so you can win. People don’t like to fail and if you set the pass fail mark to high for any activity you will fail, making it harder to carry out and develop the habits you want to incorporate into your life.

And this can apply to anything you do in life, specially the things you find yourself putting off and off. This article was written in the one minute rule. I told myself, “sit down, write for one minute and you have already succeed for the day”. Its been 30 minutes since I started and I feel full of energy.

Is like Matt Mullenweg said:

I often find I have to get over the initial hump, with something that is almost embarrassing small as a goal, and then that can become a habit

He is so right. If you can get past the first hump, you are set. If you dig down, I am confident you have already experienced this great hack in your life. Now is time to put it into action and make it a daily habit not to psych yourself out.

What else can I say, try it out and see if this is something you are missing in your life.

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