Are you the type of person that keeps falling for the same mistakes over and over again without even knowing why or how?

Well let me tell you I was just like you, and for the longest time I was completely oblivious of all the mistakes I did during my day. Mistakes like spending too much time on my phone, eating unhealthy foods that made me feel groggy, and many other unhealthy habits I picked up during my early years.

It was only when I started to keep a journal that my days started to look more like I had always imagined. Extremely productive, to the point that I no longer had any regrets before going to bed.

Now the way I write in my journal is not like your average Joe will keep a journal. Let me walk you through my process. I will try to make it as simple and easy as it can be.

The things you will need:

Old tech:
Pen and paper. You will want a small to medium notebook.

New Tech:
Your phone, specifically, Google Keep or any other type of note taking app.

The process

Whenever you make a mistake during your day, you got to make sure to log it in using your notepad or google keep. Make sure to read it the next morning, read them out loud so that they stay in your mind for the rest of the day that way you’ll be most likely to recognize patterns that lead to mistakes.

It’s also a great idea to write how you think you will solve the mistake next time around. For example let’s say you always make the mistake of eating chips when you come home. Now you after you write the mistake “eating chips when home” write down how you will solve the problem, ex “hide all the junk food in the pantry where I cannot see it”.

Another example of my own:

Screenshot Google KeepI find it to be crucial to live life this way (keeping a diary of mistakes), which allows you to think introspectively and notice what you did wrong during the day. Is basically like drawing a map just like the earlier explores did when they discovered new lands, marking important landmarks to better guide them next time around. This is just the same except you are not marking mountains and valleys but dangerous cliffs where you can fall into negative behavior.

I am pretty new to this way of life, but so far It has helped me by making me more aware of what I do during my day. I feel like sometimes we are just in auto pilot and we don’t realize what we do or why we do it.

I saw great benefits using this technique each morning. I started to notice that I was wasting so much time on my cellphone between and during my day-to-day activities. I only started to notice this type of behaviour when I started my journal. I decided to brainstorm ideas that could help me become more efficient with my cell phone usage.

Now before going to sleep I turn my wi-fi and data off so that when I wake up, I don’t have any distractions waiting for me on my phone. I only turn my wi-fi and data after I have finished my morning ritual and let me tell you it feels liberating.

A great tip for any google keep users is to only use one card to log in your day-to-day mistakes. Keep them in a list that way once you finish reading them out loud the following morning you can cross them and reuse the card. This way you can add a morning reminder and set it to repeat everyday making your life much simpler.

This way of journalism is really rewarding, and I must admit is my favourite. I find it to be really simple allowing you to focus on what is more important, your mistakes and how to fix them. Perhaps you can also benefit from this method.

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