There is definitely a connection between happiness and food. Not the happiness that happens when you eat a chocolate sundae, but sustainable happiness that comes with knowing you are eating well and actually eating foods that contribute to moods.

Many people use the sugar cycle to stay happy. Sugar helps you be temporarily happy by boosting blood sugar and altering brain chemistry. Sugar is a drug and after the high wears off, the depression hits. To keep feeling “happy” you fall into a pattern of taking another hit of sugar to keep the happiness flowing.

Interesting to note that there are a gigantic number of foods that promote long-term happiness. If you are looking for a happy mood and a positive outlook on life for as long as you want, there are high-quality foods that boost your happiness quotient.

Omega-3 oils that come from fish, chia seeds, and flax seeds are perfect mood boosters. That doesn’t mean eat a cold-water fish to feel happy, but incorporate salmon into your weekly meals.

Healthy nuts are beneficial and support healthy moods and healthy brain activity. Pecans are perfect as well as almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts and walnuts. These all have health-supporting properties that affect brain function and mood experiences. Snack on nuts and be happy.

Advertising and marketing touting the benefits of green tea are real. Green tea provides a mood lifter without stimulants. Use decaffeinated green teas and make sure they do not contain fluoride contamination.

Herbal supplements are designed to support good moods. St. John’s Wort has been clinically proven to work as well as some antidepressant drugs. This herb eases symptoms of depression.

Consume large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits. You cannot over-eat fresh fruits and vegetables so eat all you can. Fruits and vegetables are filled with mood-lifting nutrients. That crunchy apple you just put down could be the perfect way to a happy mood.

Avoid refined sugars and caffeine from all sources. Try not eating donuts, cookies, cakes and drinking caffeinated beverages. Sugar and caffeine are two chemicals that destroy good moods and are the foods you probably go to for a mood lift. They do offer a short-term boost, but foods filled with sugar and caffeine are highly addictive and do cause huge health problems over the long-term.

Food is a way to make you supremely happy. Focus on eating health-enhancing foods that are natural, non-refined and loaded with essential nutrients. Keep your mental health high and avoid turning to caffeine, sugar and short-term stimulants. Slowly transition off these mood killers

When trying healthier choices. Don’t give up. It may take up to 30 days of eating right before you feel fully happy, and your moods improve. Foods do not kick in right away, a healthier body and brain on good foods does take time. Try eating your way to a happier life; in the long run, you will benefit and so will those around you.

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