‘Good things come to those who wait’. This is a bitter pill to swallow for people who are waking up in an age of instant gratification and ‘overnight’ successes.

We see people who are fitter, healthier, more smarter than us, or some other ‘more’ than us, and we only see the end results.

We want to be fit and foremost in our field, and we don’t have any time to waste because there’s already people out there with our ideal bodies and jobs, and they’re taking all the stuff that we could have had.

You recognize something in yourself that you want to change. This already puts you ahead of the pack, but that’s not the goal here. The goal is the change itself, and you CAN start straight away.

The trick is getting there in little spurts.

I should probably give a little disclaimer here. I am no special and unique snowflake, guru, or runaway success sending down messages from the top of the mountain. I’m down in the trenches with you, trying to get by in this crazy world. Changing a little every day, hopefully for the better, and you can too.

All you have to do is take ten minutes a day.

Obviously I’m only using ten minutes as an arbitrary number. Take more if you like. Not too much at first, as there’s the risk of burning out if you put everything into the first few days, and it might put you off.

There’s no rush; you literally have the rest of your life. Use those ten minutes or whatever length of time to focus on the thing you want, to push towards it in increments.

I picked ten minutes because I’m pretty sure everyone has that much time to spare per day.

Want to get fit?
Ten minute circuit training, before your morning shower. Wake up earlier (ten minute increments work here too) and when you get to the point where you’re exhausted – which will be sooner than you realize – increase the intensity/time.

Want to eat healthier?
Plan food swaps for the day. Make reminders to buy healthier foods like fruits and veggies instead of convenience foods for your lunch. Look up substitutes and recipes for dinner that night or for that week. Read and learn about calories and nutrient needs.

Want to be calmer?
Meditate for ten minutes before leaving the house, or before bed. Exercise works too.

Want to be smarter?
Read every day for just ten minutes, and write down something you learned or found inspiring.

Want to reconnect with people?
Reach out to long lost friends on Facebook or whatever social media platform you prefer. Take the time to show interest in your significant other, or your kids. (Pro Tip: don’t tell them that you only have ten minutes)

Want to progress at work or school?
Make a plan that details your goals and how to get there. Create study plans. Research other jobs in your field, or think on how you can get ahead in the job you have. If you want to bolster your education, look up affordable or free classes that you can do at your own pace.

When you do this, you’ll not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll be making real and tangible steps towards your goals. Soon, you’ll start to seek out other blocks of time everywhere in order to do your thing.

The decision to keep making little tweaks will become the only thing you WON’T want to change. If it all seems too daunting, or that the timeframe is too long, just remember that the time is going to pass anyway, whether you do these little things or not. It’s passing right now. So why not just do it?

It won’t be long before other people see you succeed and think you got lucky, but you’ll know deep down that everything happened because you were willing to sacrifice just ten minutes a day.

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